Smart safety

Protect yourself from fire and burglary. Our sensors are wireless and easy to install. A modern safety system that provides you with total control, wherever you are. You can always feel safe with us.

X2 Wireless is a modern system of sensors for those who want to feel safe, comfortable, and up to date. Our connected sensors can do much more than alarm you at the first sign of fire. With the data from the sensors you have access to decision-making information before small issues can develop into big problems.

We want the best and latest technology to be available for everyone. To digitize and future-proof a property does not need to be difficult. Our smart, connected sensors are easy to install and simple to use. You are quickly given an overview of your entire system in the app – whether you live in a detached home, condominium, or multiplex, or operate a business.

Our products and services are built on safe IoT (Internet of Things) – they are connected, smart, and secure. With X2 Wireless you get ready-made IoT packages for fire safety, home safety and security, and climate analysis, all in the same flexible sensor system. All of it ready to immediately connect and use.


A collective fire protection for all residents safety. You and your neighbors receive instant alarms from the fire detectors to your smartphones when fire is detected anywhere in the building. A higher level of protection for everyone.

Fire safety

Our fire protection smoke alarms are connected to alarm receiving centrals, rescue operators, and everyone living in the building. It is the highest level of protection on the market.

Familj utanför villa


Having a good burglar alarm improves home safety. To also have an alarm that connects to alarm receiving centrals, neighbors and family improves safety even more.


Fresh air and a good indoor environment are foundational for our health. It is also important for the building both structurally and energy-wise to keep an even temperature and moisture under control.

Home safety

Water leaks, fire, security, presence monitoring. All equally important. Our solution protects the home in simple ways that improve home safety for you and your family.

Energy monitoring

Save money and the environment by measuring electricity and water consumption. We can help you get started! Our sensors can be connected to most meters on the market and require no new cable installation.

For business

We deliver easy to use, turn-key solutions for businesses. Always flexible and tailored to your needs. You can focus on the work you do best, while safety is digitized and available through the app.

We choose X2