Burglary and security

A cloud-based security system for business, with app and connection to alarm receiving center. Our security package with burglar alarm contains everything necessary to secure a space, large or small, in a swift and flexible manner.

Security, safety, and the ability to protect your business is important both as an owner and as an employer. The needs often outpace what conventional alarm systems can provide. 

We at X2 Wireless make the safest system with the latest technology available and simple to use – no matter how well versed you are in alarms and security systems. Our sensors are wireless and the batteries last more than long enough not to impact your business.

The package is tailored to our users and is easily controlled via the app. You can also expand your system with sensors for water leakage, fire, or personal alarms. X2 Cloud AI analyses all incidents and ensures that the smart alarm always stays one step ahead of the burglar.

Alarm receiving center

It’s good to know that someone else receives the alert if something were to happen. Help can be found no matter what happens, 24 hours a day – year-round. We collaborate with a number of alarm receiving centers that you can connect to. You pick the provider and we do the rest.

Security as a Service

Having a break-in can be disastrous. Having an alarm makes your business more secure, and connecting it to alarm receiving services and colleagues improves security even further.

When the alarm is triggered the sirens make everyone in the vicinity aware, while the alarm handling center dispatches help, and employees can immediately see in the app where the entry is taking place. Also being able to share alarm notifications with neighboring businesses is a helpful advantage. Neighbor-based burglar and fire alarms definitely provide the highest level of protection.

The Security Package contains

All our sensors are wireless, has sabotage protection and are made in Sweden. The sensors in our smart burglar alarm are also equipped with climate sensors that measure temperature and humidity.

Motion sensor

Senses the slightest movement within the space and immediately triggers an alarm. When the alarm is deactivated it is still possible to monitor movement in the area in the app.

Vibration sensor for doors and windows

Detects if doors or windows are open or closed. When the alarm is deactivated you can still see whether e.g. the front door is open through the app. The vibration sensor will even raise the alarm before the door is fully opened.


Powerful siren that activates when an alarm is triggered. You can control for how long you want the alarm to be sounding. The siren can be set to be activated by any event in the system, or manually via the app.

Rök- och brandvarnare

Smoke alarm

Monitors smoke and temperature with high precision. At the slightest sign of smoke developement the temperature is sampled continuously to determine if a fire has broken out.

  • Fire alarm with temperature verification.
  • Local alarm siren when sensing smoke.

Our sensors


Smoke Detector
Smoke detector with built-in temperature sensor for verifying fire alarms as well as continuous measurement of indoor temperature.

Fire Alarm Button
Red break glass alarm button with sabotage function. Wireless for easy installation.

Fire siren
A siren activated over the air by smoke alarms or fire alarm buttons.


Climate Sensor
Measures temperature, humidity, vapor pressure, moisture influx and mold growth.

CO2 Sensor
Carbon dioxide sensor that continuously measures the amount of CO2 in the room with industrial precision.

Radon Sensor
Digital radon sensor that provides up-to-date radon content every hour.

Air Quality Sensor
Air quality sensor that shows how polluted the air is by e.g. cigarette smoke.

Individual metering

Water consumption
Water measurements for apartments, detached housing, or larger properties.

Electricity consumption
Electrical measurements for apartments, detached housing, or larger properties.

Safety and Security

Water Alarms
Water leak sensor that activates at the first drop of water. Placed e.g. under the sink or the refrigerator.

Door and window sensor
Burglar alarm for doors and windows.

Motion sensor
Burglar alarm that reacts to unauthorized movement in a room.

Vibration alarm
Vibration alarm for e.g. securing small objects. Reacts to the smallest of vibrations.

Panic button 
Panic buttons for e.g. elderly or store staff.

Fluid level alarm
Measures the water level in tanks and containes, e.g. expansion vessels in a water heating system.

Alarm siren
A wirelessly activated siren that can be set to react to any sensor, e.g. door or motion sensors.