A good indoor environment with fresh air is absolutely foundational for staying healthy. An even temperature and the right level of humidity is also important for the building and from an energy perspective. We provide simple and complete oversight of that.

The EPA reports that many American homes have problems with airborne pollutants. In addition, we spend roughly 90% of our time indoors. A good indoor air quality is central to our wellbeing and for the lifetime of the building itself – making monitoring indoor climate very important.

Bad air is hazardous to residents and leads to an increase in maintenance costs. Residents may become sick, and living spaces must be renovated earlier than expected at great cost. Asthma, allergies, and headaches are a few of the more common examples of symptoms arising from a poor indoor environment.

Warning for a potential for mold before it shows visible growth helps both residents and owners stay safe. Levels of hazardous air pollutants can be more than 5 times higher than in the outside air. This means many homes have unnecessary high levels of dust, pollen, viruses, and bacteria.

By continuously measuring the indoor climate it is possible to save large costs while at the same time making tenants more satisfied. Our climate package helps you prevent problems, simple as that. To measure is to know.

What we measure

With X2 Wireless you recieve many kinds data from one multifuctional sensor. It is flexible, simple, and informative.



Vapor content

Moisture balance


What you get

The App provides comprehensive information and clear statistics for you to follow changes in the indoor climate. You are instantly made aware if the smart sensors discover any anomaly.  

Real-time information about indoor climate from every apartment.

Regular reports on indoor climate.

Clear diagrams and history in the App.

Adjustable alarm levels for every kind of measurement.

Lifetime warranty for the sensor and 10 years of battery life.

Climate as a Service

X2 Cloud AI collects all measurement data and provides real-time analysis of your indoor climate.

By connecting all sensors to out cloud-based AI we benefit from collective data collection. This results in a very powerful analysis that make new kinds of conclusions around indoor climate possible.

You are made aware of where in the building the anomaly appears in real time. False alarms are minimized, and safety improves.

Our sensors


Smoke Detector
Smoke detector with built-in temperature sensor for verifying fire alarms as well as continuous measurement of indoor temperature.

Fire Alarm Button
Red break glass alarm button with sabotage function. Wireless for easy installation.

Fire siren
A siren activated over the air by smoke alarms or fire alarm buttons.


Climate Sensor
Measures temperature, humidity, vapor pressure, moisture influx and mold growth.

CO2 Sensor
Carbon dioxide sensor that continuously measures the amount of CO2 in the room with industrial precision.

Radon Sensor
Digital radon sensor that provides up-to-date radon content every hour.

Air Quality Sensor
Air quality sensor that shows how polluted the air is by e.g. cigarette smoke.

Individual metering

Water consumption
Water measurements for apartments, detached housing, or larger properties.

Electricity consumption
Electrical measurements for apartments, detached housing, or larger properties.

Safety and Security

Water Alarms
Water leak sensor that activates at the first drop of water. Placed e.g. under the sink or the refrigerator.

Door and window sensor
Burglar alarm for doors and windows.

Motion sensor
Burglar alarm that reacts to unauthorized movement in a room.

Vibration alarm
Vibration alarm for e.g. securing small objects. Reacts to the smallest of vibrations.

Panic button 
Panic buttons for e.g. elderly or store staff.

Fluid level alarm
Measures the water level in tanks and containes, e.g. expansion vessels in a water heating system.

Alarm siren
A wirelessly activated siren that can be set to react to any sensor, e.g. door or motion sensors.