Water leaks, fire, unauthorized entry – all alarms are important in their own way. With our smart sensors your home can be protected the right way, with a safer life for you and your family.

Wireless safety solutions for the entire home, in one package.

X2 Wireless makes it safer for elderly residents to keep living in their own home longer. Our smart sensors monitor many areas of interest simultaneously, and you can always see what’s going on in the app. You can also share this information with other users, like family or neighbors.

Our safety package raises alarms during fire, burglaries, and water leaks. We also provide presence detectors that monitor movement in the living space and a personal alarm.

As a next-of-kin, it is good to know that your elderly family member is safe. As a senior, it is good to know that there is a safety net of people that will know if an alarm is triggered.

Smart and modern technology is for everyone. We provide a reliable and easy-to-use safety system that makes every day – and night – calmer and simpler.

What we monitor

Water leakage




Personal alert and alarm

What the package contains

Alarms and notifications in the App

Neighborhood cooperation

Next-of-kin monitoring

Alarm handling center

Always connected

The smart sensors are always connected to our cloud service X2 Cloud. The AI-engine analyses all incoming data and raises alarms immediately at e.g. anomalous humidity levels or absence of activity.

By compiling and processing data the home situation is presented graphically and attractively in the app. Always simple and available.

  • Alarms for water leaks and fire
  • Alarms for absence of movement
  • Connected to alarm handling center
  • Alarms via text/mail/push
  • Share permissions with family and neighbors

The Safety Package contains

All our sensors are wireless, has sabotage protection and are made in Sweden. The sensors in our smart burglar alarm are also equipped with climate sensors that measure temperature and humidity.

Water leak sensor

Water leak sensor with 1 meter water sensing cable. The cable can be mounted around a pipe or placed on a surface to monitor it. The sensor measures how much water is present to know whether it is an emergency, and notifies when conditions are dry again. 

  • Also measures temperature and humidity in the air.
  • No need to worry about a forgotten or leaky tap.

Smoke alarm

Monitors smoke and temperature with high precision. At the slightest sign of smoke developement the temperature is sampled continuously to determine if a fire has broken out.

  • Fire alarm with temperature verification.
  • Local alarm siren when sensing smoke.

Motion sensor

Burglary sensor that doubles as presence detector when the burglar alarm is deactivated. All movement is logged with time stamps easily viewed in the app. Notifications can be sent out if no one has moved through the space for a set duration.

  • Alarm at lack of activity.
  • Burglary alarm.

Door sensor

Monitors whether a door is open or closed. The app shows the the status of the door with time stamps as well as the open duration in order to provide a simple overview.

  • Burglary alarm.
  • Open doors are logged with duration.

Alarm button

Alarm button to call for help from neighbors or family. Everyone with the App can be notified of the alarms.

  • Use both as a call for attention or as a panic button.
  • Also measures temperature and humidity.

Our sensors


Smoke Detector
Smoke detector with built-in temperature sensor for verifying fire alarms as well as continuous measurement of indoor temperature.

Fire Alarm Button
Red break glass alarm button with sabotage function. Wireless for easy installation.

Fire siren
A siren activated over the air by smoke alarms or fire alarm buttons.


Climate Sensor
Measures temperature, humidity, vapor pressure, moisture influx and mold growth.

CO2 Sensor
Carbon dioxide sensor that continuously measures the amount of CO2 in the room with industrial precision.

Radon Sensor
Digital radon sensor that provides up-to-date radon content every hour.

Air Quality Sensor
Air quality sensor that shows how polluted the air is by e.g. cigarette smoke.

Individual metering

Water consumption
Water measurements for apartments, detached housing, or larger properties.

Electricity consumption
Electrical measurements for apartments, detached housing, or larger properties.

Safety and Security

Water Alarms
Water leak sensor that activates at the first drop of water. Placed e.g. under the sink or the refrigerator.

Door and window sensor
Burglar alarm for doors and windows.

Motion sensor
Burglar alarm that reacts to unauthorized movement in a room.

Vibration alarm
Vibration alarm for e.g. securing small objects. Reacts to the smallest of vibrations.

Panic button 
Panic buttons for e.g. elderly or store staff.

Fluid level alarm
Measures the water level in tanks and containes, e.g. expansion vessels in a water heating system.

Alarm siren
A wirelessly activated siren that can be set to react to any sensor, e.g. door or motion sensors.