Fire protection

Our fire protection solution uses smart smoke alarms connected to alarm receiving centers, emergency services, and all residents in the building. It provides the safest alternative on the market.

Notifying all residents the moment smoke develops provides the shortest response time possible in a fire protection system.

Temperature sensing is activated during smoke developement. If the temperature rises a verified fire alarm is sent to the alarm handling center.

Immediate notifications to all residents about where the fire is located and the current temperature.

You can monitor the status of every smoke alarm and be assured that they are up an running.

Smoke alarms are maintenance-free for a minimum of 10 years and have lifetime warranty.

Always up to date information about all apartment temperatures.

Installed and ready in less than a minute. No cables needed – everything is wireless.

spis med kastrull och ugnen är igång


30 years ago, it took 30 minutes for a room to reach flashover. Now, it can take as little as 5 minutes. Every second counts if a fire was to start. With our smart sensors you can save time – and lives. 

With X2 Wireless the alarm receiving center can see in real time where the fire started and how it spreads. This means that emergency services can fight the fire more effectively and without surprises.

The App

Our app gives you total oversight and control over your smoke alarms. You can compare and see current temperatures in all apartments in a building and view a log of the indoor climate. You can share the data with others or keep it private.

We provide flexible alarm handling, via text, email, push notification or alarm receiving center – your choice.


If your neighbors live close to you a system of common fire protection can be very valuable. Everyone is notified if smoke develops, or temperatures rise. Before emergency services arrive, you can help each other investigate alarms, guide emergency services to the right place, help those in need and get to safety. 

Common protection for common safety.

Larger property? Connect to an alarm receiving center

The alarm handling center handles the alarms for you.

Always someone supervising your property.

No extra hardware or installation required.

Our sensors


Smoke Detector
Smoke detector with built-in temperature sensor for verifying fire alarms as well as continuous measurement of indoor temperature.

Fire Alarm Button
Red break glass alarm button with sabotage function. Wireless for easy installation.

Fire siren
A siren activated over the air by smoke alarms or fire alarm buttons.


Climate Sensor
Measures temperature, humidity, vapor pressure, moisture influx and mold growth.

CO2 Sensor
Carbon dioxide sensor that continuously measures the amount of CO2 in the room with industrial precision.

Radon Sensor
Digital radon sensor that provides up-to-date radon content every hour.

Air Quality Sensor
Air quality sensor that shows how polluted the air is by e.g. cigarette smoke.

Individual metering

Water consumption
Water measurements for apartments, detached housing, or larger properties.

Electricity consumption
Electrical measurements for apartments, detached housing, or larger properties.

Safety and Security

Water Alarms
Water leak sensor that activates at the first drop of water. Placed e.g. under the sink or the refrigerator.

Door and window sensor
Burglar alarm for doors and windows.

Motion sensor
Burglar alarm that reacts to unauthorized movement in a room.

Vibration alarm
Vibration alarm for e.g. securing small objects. Reacts to the smallest of vibrations.

Panic button 
Panic buttons for e.g. elderly or store staff.

Fluid level alarm
Measures the water level in tanks and containes, e.g. expansion vessels in a water heating system.

Alarm siren
A wirelessly activated siren that can be set to react to any sensor, e.g. door or motion sensors.

Compare fire safety systems

Simple smoke alarm

Serially connected smoke alarms

WiFi-enabled smoke alarm

Wired smoke alarm

X2 Wireless
connected smoke alarm

Built-in siren





Temperature sensor



Transmission type





Battery life

10 years

6-12 months

6-12 months

Power via cable

10 years

Pause function




Via central panel






Alarm at removal




App support



Verified fire alarm

Yes, through temperature monitoring

Alarm handling center connection

Yes, through external hardware


Control of external sirens



Extra equipment required

WiFi router in every apartment

Central panel, collection modules

None. Connects directly to  X2 Wireless IoT network

Fit for

Apartments, detached housing

Detached housing


Larger properties and industry.

Apartments, detached housing, any type of property