Ready-made packages of connected sensors tailored together with our customers. We have a solution that will fit no matter the size of your business.

We deliver complete package solutions tailored to your business so that you can focus on your operations instead of bothering with technology. No matter the size of your business we provide a cost-effective and bespoke solution.

X2 Wireless takes a holistic responsibility for business security. We provide security and fire safety solutions connected to alarm receiving services. You can easily handle alarms yourselves via the app if you prefer.

Store and office

Our packages fit stores and businesses both small and large. If you want a connected fire safety system or an intelligent security system controlled via app our packages are for you. We have decided to let our users be central to our system. It should be simple with good overview but also be powerful and dynamic. 

  • Alarm receiving center with security guard
  • Controlled via the app
  • Low monthly costs
  • No extra licenses

Malls and larger spaces

Safety for a larger space often means a multitude of systems, with a patchwork of centers and transmitters, in addition to miles of cabling and complex project design.

We make it simpler – and safer. With X2 Wireless sensors there is no need for laying cables or arduous installations. The sensors are attached where they are needed and are up and communicating immediately with alarm receiving centers and the app without further configuration. Our solution is a freely expandable system where the amount of sensors is no issue. If you want to deploy an additional alarm for a hard-to-reach door then that can be done in minutes.

  • Full control in the app
  • Extremely low cost of installation
  • No cabling
  • Expandable without limits

Our packages

Fire Safety

Digitized fire protection with smoke sensors connected to alarm receing centers, emergency services, and collegues provides the safest alternative on the market for your business.


Our security package with burglar alarms contains everything necessary to secure a space or property, large or small, quicky and easily.

How it works


Our advisors book an in-person visit to examine the property and your needs. We can tailor a solution for any situation, whether it’s fire safety, security or general home safety. A cost estimate can often be given immediately on site.


We provide a suggestion of what a solution might look like for you. Most offers include a monthly fee without additional cost for installation, and with a lifetime warranty.


We handle everything related to the installation. In most cases installation takes half a day to complete, but you will of course be provided a more exact plan ahead of time.


When everything is installed and online you can find all sensors in the app. We provide documentation about the system and walk you through everything works, including what functions are available and how to make any adjustments.