A collective fire protection for all residents safety. You and your neighbors receive instant alarms from the fire detectors to your smartphones when fire is detected anywhere in the building. A higher level of protection for everyone.

Fire safety

Our fire protection system uses smoke alarms connected to alarm receiving centrals, rescue operators, and everyone living in the building. It is the highest level of protection on the market.


Having a good burglar alarm improves home safety. To also have an alarm that connects to alarm receiving centrals, neighbors and family improves safety even more.


Fresh air and a good indoor environment are foundational for our health. It is also important for the building both structurally and energy-wise to keep an even temperature and moisture under control.

Home safety

Water leaks, fire, security, presence monitoring. All equally important. Our package solutions protect the home in simple ways that improve home safety for you and your family.

Energy monitoring

Save money and the environment by measuring electricity and water consumption. We can help you get started! Our sensors can be connected to most meters on the market and require no new cable installation.

How it works


Our advisors book an in-person visit to examine the property and your needs. We can tailor a solution for any situation whether it’s fire safety, security or general home safety. A cost estimate can often be given immediately on site.


We provide a suggestion of what a solution might look like for you. Offers in most cases include a monthly fee without additional cost for installation, and with a lifetime warranty.


We handle everything related to the installation. In most cases installation takes half a day to complete, but you will of course be provided a more exact plan ahead of time.


When everything is installed and online you can find all sensors in the app. We provide documentation about the system and walk you through how everything works, including what functions are available and how to make any adjustments.


Condominium Sankt Jörgens Allé

“Our condominium is almost 13 years old and smoke alarms were installed when the houses were built. In 2015 we had an apartment fire where the smoke alarm didn’t work. About a year earlier we had smoke developement in the garbage room.

When the board reviewed new smoke alarms we prioritized having monitored smoke alarms. We choosed X2 Wireless because of their simplicity and flexible solution. We can connect water alarms, temperature alarms and more in the same systen and it also connects to an alarm receiving central.

Condominium Övre Briljant

“As the board chairperson of a condominium I have a big responsibility regarding systematic fire protection. To be able to stand in front of all members and say that I know all smoke alarms are working makes me feel safe. Also, having installed smoke alarms in shared spaces and having access to all information in the app makes the system very complete. 

We are all affected by fire so it feels good to know that everyone has a working smoke alarm.”